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Support is at the core of TLC, we appreciate that everyone struggles at times and we want you to know that if you feel overwhelmed, stressed or under pressure there is always someone willing to listen.

It doesn’t matter if you have personal or professional problems, we are here to help!

As part of TLC’s wellbeing strategy, all learners, employers and employees will be able to access wellbeing support through the following channels.

  • Direct Referrals
  • Embedded Wellbeing
  • One to One Conversations
  • Masterclass Sessions

Holistic Wellbeing

TLC wellbeing Service team is dedicated to supporting you.

The 6 key areas of TLC’s holistic wellbeing framework that includes:

  • Physical Health – Lifestyle Education, Health, Fitness.
  • Social Health – Digital Wellbeing, Community, Relational.
  • Environment Health – Workplace, Learning Spaces, Home.
  • Economic Health – Professional Development, Careers, Finances.
  • Psychological Health – Mental health, Personal & Emotional Development, Resilience.
  • Spiritual Health – Spirituality, Sense of Self, Extrinsic Beliefs.

The wellbeing support you receive is both confidential and bespoke, all you have to do is get in touch and tell us what you need.

The Five Principles

Wellbeing Support Coaches apply the 5 principles to their practice, and use them as hooks upon which they support, advise and coach you with your wellbeing.

  • Connect
  • Give
  • Take Notice
  • Keep Learning
  • Be Active


If you would like to know more about TLC’s wellbeing service or would like to talk to us about how we can support you or someone you know contact us today.


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