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Customer Service Excellence


The key to a successful business is not only about providing a quality product or service, but also about delivering great customer service. No matter what industry you’re involved in - it should be one of the pillars of your organisation.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the retention of just 5% of customers can lead to increased profits of 25-95%. Considering 82% of all customers cite service as a reason for jumping ship, it is clear that the importance of staff being properly trained should not be underestimated. Our Customer Service Excellence course is designed to create positive customer experiences and to help delegates feel confident in any customer situation.


Customers' rights and standards

  • What do you expect when you are a customer?
  • How do you feel when you’re expectations are not met
  • How your organisation rates as a service provider

The tip of the iceberg

  • Looking at customer perceptions and the part you play in forming that perception

Building good communication skills

  • Developing more skills in how you question the customer to gain the necessary information
  • How to use effective listening skills to build rapport
  • Building longer term relationships with the customer

Tips and techniques for handling telephone enquiries

  • Clarifying best practice, do’s and don’ts
  • Projecting a positive image of the organisation

Dealing with difficult customers

  • How to be assertive but still remain courteous
  • Understand how to diffuse angry customers
  • How to make complaints a productive process for your organisation

Action planning

  • What will I commit to do more of/less of to improve my level of customer service when I return to work?

Course Benefits

  • Project a professional image when dealing with customers
  • Build empathy with customers
  • Build rapport with customers
  • Use active listening skills and questioning techniques
  • Handle a customer complaint effectively


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