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Free Coronavirus Guide For Employers & Businesses

TLC's guide for employers and businesses in providing advice about Coronavirus (COVID-19).

As Coronavirus continues to spread rapidly throughout the UK, employers need to make sure they are up to date on all the latest information.

We're giving you access to a FREE Coronavirus guide for employers and businesses. It's important to stay up to date on employers' rights, advice and useful info. 

Get up to date on Coronavirus information


You'll find useful content on health and safety, official government information and the latest compliance news. We're including info-emails ready to send to your staff and useful info-sheets you can pin to notice boards etc.  

John Allison, Director of TLC, says "There's currently a lot of confusion regarding employment procedures. The need for trusted and reliable information for employers has never been higher. As one of the UK’s leading training organisations, we put together a very useful guide for all our staff and corporate partners and they found it very useful. We'd now like to give all businesses the opportunity to access this important information. Coronavirus could have a massive impact on us all". 

The guide includes:

  • Coronavirus fact sheets.
  • Isolation procedures and tips.
  • How to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus
  • What to do if someone suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 has been in business settings
  • What advice to give to individuals who have travelled to specific areas
  • Actions to take if staff come into contact with someone who is self-isolating or is a possible or confirmed case of COVID-19
Get useful info to share with your colleagues 


You can also find out what to do if any of your employees/colleagues are showing any of these symptoms. 

Symptoms of coronavirus

The symptoms are similar to other common illnesses, such as cold and flu. (These symptoms do not necessarily mean you have the illness).

  • High temperature
  • A cough
  • Shortness of breath

You should call NHS direct on 111 if you have any of the above symptoms and self-isolate. This could affect your employment/work life. Make sure you're compliant, up to date on the latest facts and get easy access to employment recommendations.

To get your free TLC Free Coronavirus Handbook For Employers & Businesses, email, or fill in our contact form.

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