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Management Level 4

This higher-level apprenticeship allows you to broaden and develop your knowledge of leadership and management principles, combined with identifying practical operational planning skills. You will also learn and practice scenarios of how these directly apply to your workplace.

Suitable for Senior to Middle management

Apprenticeship Content

  • Understanding the management role
  • Managing personal development
  • Managing and implementing change
  • Understanding and developing relationships in the workplace
  • Managing health and safety in own area
  • Leading innovation and change
  • Managing stress and conflict
  • Project management
  • Impact of effective customer service
  • Quality of customer service

Employees Benefits

  • Assessment of own capabilities and performance
  • Increased understanding of your job role and responsibilities
  • Development of managerial knowledge
  • Improved satisfaction and motivation
  • Nationally accredited qualification

Employers Benefits

  • Greater employee retention
  • Manager development in specialist business areas, such as Marketing and Finance
  • Improved strategic targets and planning for management teams
  • Increased productivity and staff efficiency
Costs: On Request
Duration: 12 - 18 Months
Delivery Method: Classroom 

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